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Myfood Orders OrderXpress Version 2:



Download this document > website_features.pdf

Technology Features:

• Receive your order via SMS Printer/Email or Fax
Your website has the ability to process all completed orders and deliver them to you via any of the following methods:

SMS Printer (Requires a SIM activated mobile SMS Printer supplied by us)

Email (Requires your establishment to have access to broadband connection and a PC with an email client)
Fax (Requires your establishment to have access to a landline and fax receiving device)

• Online Card Payment Gateway
Your website can be integrated with the award winning PayPal payment processing gateway, which will allow your customers to pay using a Debit or Credit card securely online. This provides a payment guarantee and streamlines the ordering process and a little less hassle for you.

• Image Verification (Captcha)
Your website is equipped with the latest anti-spam technology. Customers who register or use the contact form are asked to complete the verification process so that only valid applications or genuine communications are accepted by the website and you don’t get spam messages.

Web Features:

• Hovering Menu and Basket

Your website has been developed with the customer in mind. During the ordering process customers will never lose site of the menu or their basket. As they navigate around the list of items  the menu system stays centred on their screen for easy access to the cart.

• Categorised Menu Structure

Your customers will never feel lost while navigating around your menu as the list of items, no matter how long or complex your menu is, is categorised and displayed under section headings. Customers can choose to see all the items on your entire menu or be selective and have one category displayed at a time.

• Categorised Basket

Another feature your customers will find useful is the categorised basket. Items placed in the basket, no matter how and when they were chosen will always display in the basket in accordance to your menu, for example, Starters will always be at the top, Main dishes in the middle and then side dishes and desserts at the bottom of the list respectively.

• Option to add dropdown selections on dishes

This feature will allow you to specify a sub item alongside a main menu item. For example, Balti Chicken Tikka will have a drop down selection for your customers to choose Plain Nan 0.00, Keema Nan add 0.50, Rice 0.00 etc. In the drop down selection you can add a price to the sub dish to add to the total value of the main dish.

• Enable/Disable Promotions and Discounts on Specific Days of the Week

This feature will allow you to turn on or off all promotions and discounts on the website for specific days of the week.

• Promotion Code
This feature will allow your customers to enter a pre-defined code during the order process that will give them a discount of a specified value in accordance with any special offer as defined by you. This is ideal for running marketing campaigns in different areas and recording the response. The feature can also be used to promote sections of your menu and increase your daily takings etc. Our promotion code function currently supports the following campaigns with pre-defined minimum order amounts:

• Percentage discount on the total with specified minimum order value
• Fixed discount with specified minimum order value
• Free specified menu item with a minimum order value
• Free menu item from a specified category
• Fixed amount for cash only payment
• Item discount from a specified category
• Item discount from entire menu
• Happy Hour Discount for specified duration
• Discount on collected order of a minimum value

Promotions codes can also be run with the following configuration:

• Collection only
• Delivery only
• Cash only
• Card Payments only

• Deals Section that is excluded from any discounts or promotions
As Deals on your menu are already discounted you can choose to exclude these from any discounts or promotions.

• Discounts on Delivery
This feature will allow you to give your customers a discount for selecting delivery. You can define what the discount percentage is or choose to not have a discount for delivery.

• Discounts on Collection
This feature will allow you to give your customers a discount for choosing to collect the order. You can define what the discount percentage is or choose to not have a discount for collection.

• Re-Order
Customers will have the opportunity to re-order from the last three orders placed from their online order history, thus saving time.

• Opening Times
While your website is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can define opening times for customers. The cart feature can be switched on and off during periods of closure or events such as public holidays etc. and prevent orders from being accepted.

• Customer Profile Management
Allows your customers to manage their registered details on your website, for example default address, contact number and anniversary dates.

• Password Management
Allows your customers to manage their online account password for accessing your website.

• Photo Gallery
An excellent way to give your customers a sneak preview of your establishment, or why not use this as a tool to visualise your menu?

• Search Feature
When you simply can’t find that item you had last time simply type in the search field and the system will look through the entire menu and list all the possible dishes that match your search criteria.

• Guest Book
This page allows all registered users on your website to leave feedback and comments about your service. You will then be able to manually choose if the feedback is to be published to the website for viewing by other visitors.

• Download Menu
This feature will allow your customers to download a copy of your menu to their PC or Laptop in a non -editable PDF format. This will allow your customers to have a copy of your menu and saving you money on printing costs.

• Customer Contact Form
Customers can fill in the contact form and choose the area of concern and when this is submitted the contact details including the comments are stored in the system so that a response can be sent to them directly.

• Tell a Friend
We have included the latest social networking tools in order to help promote your business. The tell a friend feature on your website uses the customers own social network contacts list to invite friends and contacts to visit your online store and make a purchase. The added benefit to the customer is that they all receive loyalty points on recommending your site to others.

• Loyalty Points
Ensure brand loyalty by rewarding your customers every time they make a purchase. Customers can accumulate unlimited loyalty points and then use them to obtain discounts items on the menu.
Loyalty points can also be earned by recommending your website to friends via the online tell a friend feature.

• Table Reservations
Make it easier for customers to dine in with this feature. Tables can be reserved by customers using specific time slots which can be changed to your requirements. Once a reservation request has been received you will need to confirm with the customer that the reservation has been accepted.

• Flash Images
To make your website look and feel great, we can incorporate flash where appropriate (please bear in mind that although incorporating flash can improve the look of the site there may be a charge depending on the complexity of the image.

• Map
We will include a map of the restaurant and an interactive street view map allowing visitors to your site to easily locate the establishment.

Support Features:

• Telephone Support
We provide free support to all our clients. Our system is proven and reliable but should there be any reasons for contacting us, rest assured that we are only a phone call away (Please see our support documentation for further details).

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